What are you Reading? Loyalty @Bethanykris and Trigger by J.L. Drake

Hi all… I have been sick. I haven’t been posting as much the last two weeks. I picked up my little bigs bug. She is still hasn’t fully gotten over her cold. All she wants is mommy….

I have been able to do some reading I just finished Collision Point by Lora Leigh and The Swede by Maureen Smith. Reviews to come within the upcoming week. I enjoyed both books but to be honest I loved The Swede more.

I recently got an arc from J.L. Drake called Trigger. I am liking this one, it’s intriguing. I have also gotten the second book in the series Demon. I am excited, hope the second book is just as intriguing.

I always enjoy reading books by Bethany-Kris so whenever I can get my hands on an arc I am all for it.

What are you reading?

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