My NetGalley Wish List @shvartacus @calliebywords 😍😍 πŸŽ‰

Hey All!!! Happy Friday.

I am so excited that this week is over. The week started out uneventful and quickly went down hill from there. I started having panic attacks while driving. Really, really bad attacks. I couldn’t change lanes, or turn right. Β I didn’t want to continue driving at all.

I was on the phone hysterically crying and screaming Β to my husband that I couldn’t drive anymore. I drove the poor man crazy. He is amazing though, he tried his best to talk me through it. I found a therapist because I suffered with these attacks before but I thought I had gotten better. I got so angry. I don’t like this fear that I am feeling. I can’t let this to continue take over my life. I have to drive to get to work, get my kids to school.

I tried lessoning to meditation music today and I must say it helped big time. Along with lots of prayer.

Then on top of that, yesterday my little one who has been sick on and off for the past two months got the flu. Although she was given antibiotics two weeks ago. I thought I was being proactive and decided to have my eldest daughter get the flu shot while we were at the doctors yesterday. Guess what!!! I got a call today from her camp that she is not feeling well. What was the point of the shot.

To make myself feel better, I decided to wish for a couple of books through NetGalley. I read the first book in the series and enjoyed them. Andrew Shvarts Royal Bastards and Callie Bates: The Waking Land. If you haven’t read them you should check them out.

Oh, I wish… I wish… my wish comes true.Β 

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