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I want to first thank NetGalley for this arc that I received and to St. Martin Press.  I am not going to to take too long with this one. Let’s get into my thoughts.




💭 My Thoughts 💭

Song of Blood and Stone is Magnificently Beautiful, a Masterpiece. 

I loved this book from beginning to the end, I am on pins and needles waiting for the second book in this series.

Song of Blood and Stone is so vivid. I was able to mentally and emotional escape. A great escape of adventure, magic, dreams and love. Welcome to the world of ELSIRA and LAGRIMARI. The land of the EARTHSINGERS and the SILENT.

I loved the collected folktales many of them made me pause and ponder 🤔. I liked how each collected folktale connected with the chapters. It gave each chapter more depth. 

 “A boy, having accidentally stepped into a nest of vipers, creed out to the Mistress of Serpents for aid. 

Serpent turned the vipers to glass and entreated the boy to leave the nest without breaking the glass. For it is you who have entered their home without invitation, she said. Why should they change their nature in their own home?” 

                                                                                   -COLLECTED FOLKTALES

There are many wonderful characters that I enjoyed in this book. JASMINDA always questions herself, but although she is scared on the inside, she always shows bravery on the outside. Watching her, (yes I said watching her, cause I felt as if I was right there in their story) grow into the woman that she was meant to be was AMAZEBALLS.  

“The Mistress of Frogs intervened in a feud between two brothers. Family is a two-balled sword, she said. It must be maneuvered expertly to avoid injury.” 

                                                                                   -COLLECTED FOLKTALES

JACK the strong and brave. He fight for what is right and is not afraid to take on anyone that stands in his way; especially for the woman he loves. 

 When I really, really, really enjoy a book, I never like to give too much of the story away. I want everyone to experience the awe, amazement and intrigue that I have reading Song of Blood and Stone. 

So I leave my review here, this is a MUST BUY AND A MUST READ. ENJOY THE JOURNEY. 

My rating: 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟


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