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I said that I was going to stick to my TBR for June and not requesting anything from NetGalley and not purchasing any books.

Well I am going to renew my plan next week. I requested a couple of books from NetGalley I have gotten approved for one so far. 

Also, I am asking for book recommendations to buy. Any suggestions?????


Arc received from NetGalley and St Martin’s Press…..




Steven Savile returns to the world of Glass Town with this gritty new fantasy where reluctant hero Joshua Raines will combat a forgotten god

Every legend promises the same thing: at the time of the land’s greatest need the heroes shall return. What they don’t mention is that we are the greatest threat our green and pleasant land has ever known. In the legends, saving the land never involves the slaughter of its inhabitants. Legends lie.

In a single night six girls who have never met and bear no relation to each other are struck down by a mysterious sickness that leaves them in persistent vegetative state. Across the city an old woman who hasn’t opened her eyes in years finally wakes. Her first words are: The Horned God is Awake.

One for one. Josh is about to learn the terrible truth behind these three words seared in the floor of his crazy grandfather’s flat. He is all that stands between our world and the cleansing fire of the once and future king. The question he must answer, how do you kill a god the world has forgotten about?

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  1. carhicks says:

    Looks interesting, I will watch for your review.


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