#Sunday Funday: What are you Reading? @shanorawilliams @metuiteme #addicting #mustreads #booknerd

Happy Sunday. Wow I feel like time keeps flying and flying and flying. I don’t have enough time to read.  

I received two arcs this week, so I have adjusted my weeks reading plan.  Trying to stay on track is hard.

I have only also only read one of my summer reads so far.  Here is a quick reminder of my summer reads list. 




✔️ Rebel Heir 

The Hate U Give 

Everything Everything

Cruel Prince




I am currently reading two books at once. I always find this a little tricky you get to a section of one of the books and get captivated and forget about the second book. Both books are good. I also love the book colors. 






What are your reading plans for the week?


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  1. Karlita says:

    I feel you on the ‘Trying to stay on track is hard.’ and I have tons of reading to do..from my backlist, series to ARCs and blog tours..It’s really hard to keep up right?😅😊

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    1. Yeah it’s hard. It’s just a blogger world.

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