#BookReview Wunderland by Scarlett Se Leva @letshavemocha #Wunderland #ScarlettSeLeva

I am reposting a review by book blogger ZOE of my book Wunderland that’s available tomorrow.

I enjoy reading Zoe’s reviews and is honored to be reviewed by her. Check out her blog http://www.whatsbetterthanbooks.com

Click the link below to read the full review.

Title: WunderlandAuthor: Scarlett Se LevaPublished by: Bookends Publishing LLC on Jul. 20, 2021Genres: Contemporary RomancePages: 198Format: ARC, eBookSource: Scarlett Se LevaBook Rating: 8/10 Twenty-one-year old Simone thinks that she’s finally gotten over her breakup with her high school flame, Ryan Mulligan. The emerald-eyed boy who has haunted her dreams since she was a teen. That…

#BookReview Wunderland by Scarlett Se Leva @letshavemocha #Wunderland #ScarlettSeLeva

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